Slyland is a silly little name combining both my nickname "Sly" and the word "island" describing how I percieve this little space of mine. This in no way reflects my opinions on ownership of land. The internet should be a ✨ magical ✨ place that all of us should feel safe in. Alas, we live in a capitalist hellscape that accepts the targeting of individual identities made excusable under the guise of "free-speech" by for-profit entities, bought and sold by the owners of capital. Meanwhile, the authenticity of this statement continues to get questioned by the same powers that be. Sure wonder why that is.

I am revamping this website to take advantage of cool tech and to explore all of the nooks and crannies that the IndieWeb has to offer. While I will try to follow front-end standards as closely as possible in this iteration of my website, I cannot guarantee that this will be a good representation of my full design capabilities. For more of my design capabilties, please visit my company website Gemify.


There's a little more to me than what may be listed below, but for simplicity's sake:

  • My full name is Sylvester Duda
  • My pronouns are (he/him/his/his/himself)
  • I am a self-taught Full Stack Software Engineer
  • I founded Gemify, a worker cooperative building cool stuff
  • I am neither a dog or cat person, I am a both person 🐢🐱
  • Politics are a very important part of who I am
  • My favorite web framework is Vue
  • My favorite programming language is Python
  • I used to be an Accountant that worked for the Big 4
  • One of these is a lie 😈